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Our Evolve (own/enjoy) offering allows members to own a share of automotive history that will continue to appreciate over time. Members own the original (internal combustion) models, whilst simultaneously having access to enjoy stunning custom built, replica EV versions.


When joining our community you are actually becoming a part owner of the groups rare vehicles, through a unit trust that owns all of the group's vessels. So we find members treat our cars  with respect because they actually belong to you* as well. We have a limited number of memberships spots available based on the size of our fleet. For more information, leave us a voice message at  02 9799 5580 or record your details here and we will be in touch.

How often do you want to drive one of your* Evolve cars?

Daily Driver

Full time car access 24/7 from $2500/month

(or upfront $27,500)

Minimum Access Period

12 Months

Minimum Additional Fund Investment 


(5 year lock-in)


All Contract Periods

12 months

Additional days after contract ends $100/day


Up to 30 days access a year. Booked in advance. 5 day minimum from $250/month (or upfront $2750p.a.)

Minimum Access Period

6 months

(15 days access)

Minimum Additional Fund Investment


(5 year lock-in)


5 day minimum

30 day maximum

Additional days from  $100/day


Up to 7 days complimentary access a year to inspect cars. Booked in advance.

3 day minimum booking. 

No minimum access period.

Minimum Fund Investment  $100,000

(5 year lock-in)


3 day minimum

7 day maximum

Additional days from


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